Our Services

Our Services

On-site IT support

Our specialists will take care of computers, servers and other office equipment operation and maintenance.

Remote IT Support

In addition to on-site technical support IT GENESIS provides full set of interactive remote assistance

Audit and upgrade of existing IT structure

Information Technology is a field of incredibly fast changes and incessant development.

Deliver Secure Virtual Apps

Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs.

Web design

Bring ideas to life across screens
Create engaging, interactive designs and motion graphics that can run on any device.

IT projects implementation

Starting a new business or expanding an existing one?

IT Genesis provides a wide range of services to customers. Our specialists will take care of computers, servers and other office equipment operation and maintenance. They also provide user assistance, common problems analysis and determination of their root causes.

Our team

Nobody can succeed in implementing a complex project without a group of awesome specialists! That’s what we think. We are IT Genesis — the strong team of IT engineers. Some of our customers believe that information technology is not just a job for us but also a hobby. That’s true indeed, because doing things that you enjoy is something more than just a job.

There are people representing several generations of IT in our team. So, we remember how it was in the beginning of IT age, we know what happens now and we have a vision of future IT progress. Among our staff there are both specialists with work experience at big telecommunication companies, data centers, system integrators and university seniors and graduates who decided to take this difficult but interesting path of IT-engineer. We’re teammates always ready to share experience and to help realizing one’s potential.


The industry of information technology is one of the most dynamic and quick-evolving. One of our primary objectives is to explore new techs and solutions, test them for reliability and efficiency and then apply them to our services and solutions improvement. We always stay tuned to IT industry to provide our customers with modern and reliable solutions.

Some facts of IT Genesis

IT Genesis was founded in 1998 by Mahmoud Abd Elsameea. We do care about every our customer, no matter if it’s a big corporation or small family business  we always do our best. Our motto is Quality and Responsibility.