IT projects development and implementation


Starting a new business or expanding an existing one? You will need a reliable IT infrastructure that will be growing according to its needs. We are ready to provide an integrated solution:

  • design and build structured cabling;
  • set up wired and wireless computer networks with Internet access;
  • set up office telephony services;
  • choose, buy and install office equipment, workstations and servers;
  • build a server room;
  • deploy and configure all necessary IT systems (mail servers, file servers, DB servers, web servers etc.).

Having your own server room is not possible or too costly? Welcome to the Cloud! We’ll help you:

  • choose a reliable hosting provider;
  • choose an optimal tariff plan;
  • migrate existing systems to a new platform.

Need to implement brand new IT system, but searching for suitable solution, vendor, installing and configuring is too much trouble? Our specialists will do it for you:

  • prepare system technical requirements based on your needs;
  • choose appropriate solution of both well-known commercial products and free software;
  • infrastructure change analysis and implementation project design;
  • system installation and configuration according to technical requirements;

After project is finished you’ll have ready-to-use infrastructure with all necessary project and executive documentation. We also can provide administration and maintenance manuals and support recommendations for your systems. Besides, we’ll be glad to continue our cooperation as your outsource IT support and administration provider.