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Guarantee fast, safe, and reliable Wi-Fi in your hotel. Get in touch with IT Genesis now to get a customized quote, speed and time for your hospitality Wi-Fi project.


What Does Your Hotel & Hospitality Venue Get with Wi-Fi?

Satisfy Guests

The last thing that your guests want during their stay at your hotel is the frustration of being slowed down or offline.

Improve Work Performance

Hospitality venues rely on Wi-Fi to perform daily tasks. And the better the Wi-Fi, the higher the service quality.

Stay Competitive

Whether it’s work, fun, or socializing, guests will always choose hotels with Wi-Fi—and the more of it, the better!

Protect Guest Privacy

Make sure that your guests browse the Internet privately with Wi-Fi that is encrypted & secured against any threats.


What technology does IT Genesis use in Wi-Fi Hospitality Solution ?

Extra Coverage

Offer guests more coverage with dual band by getting rid of dead spots & out-of-reach places around your hotel.

Always Online

Keep guests connected: provide stable connectivity & performance with Ubiquiti UniFi solutions and mikrotik Hotspot system  .

Privacy Guaranteed

Ensure protected guest & staff access to the Internet using AES-128 data encryption & credential-based logins.

Shared Infrastructure

Set up staff Wi-Fi for access to internet platforms, communications channels, & more—all on the same Wi-Fi network.


We are MikroTik Experts.

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